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    Centre for Biomedical ResearchA research centre dedicated to the investigation and treatment of disease.Learn More
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    Leading the way

    in research and innovationCardiovascular research, Oncobiology Research, Biomolecular Research, Brain Research.Learn More
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    Experienced Scientists

    with outstanding track recordsCBMR core is composed of 40 fully integrated members, all of whom are highly active and experienced scientists.Meet our staff

State of the art lab conditions

The research center is made up of twenty-one laboratories in the major scientific fields: cardiovascular, oncobiology, biomolecular, brain.


Investigation and Treatment

The Centre for Biomedical Research is dedicated to the investigation and treatment of disease. CBMR is composed of researchers from diverse research areas.

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Innovative Research Lines

The Centre for Biomedical Research is dedicated to the investigation in the field of cardiovascular research, oncobiology, biomolecular research and brain research.

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We start with ideas? We test them. We achieve innovation. That´s how we work.

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CBMR’s vision emphasizes both a fundamental understanding and applied targeting of health issues and conditions.

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Our Core Facilities

The R&D activities are supported by six core facilities.

Our experienced scientific group provides input and guidance in the design and execution of in vivo studies to researchers from UAlg and external collaborations.

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Provides cell counting, cell sorting and state-of-the-art software for data analysis. This facility also provides quality technical support ranging from advice in experimental design to data analysis.

The FCU is equipped with a dual-laser, 4-color FACScalibur cell analyzer (BD Biosciences) which provides flexibility to support a wide variety of research and clinical applications. Its applications include cell counting, determination of cell viability, detection of fluorescent subpopulations, cell immune phenotyping, cellular protein detection, apoptosis and cell cycle analysis.

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Provides State-of-the-Art microscopy systems for fixed and live cell imaging. The CIU provides quality technical support ranging from user training, to advice in experimental design and data analysis.

The CIU is equipped with a variety of state-of-the-art microscopes: LSM710 confocal microscope for live cell imaging and spectral detection system; fluorescence microscopes (Axioimager Z2 and Axioimager Z2 with Apotome); Delta Vision Core system for live cell imaging and a Stereo Lumar V12 fluorescence stereomicroscope.

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Provides highly sensitive systems for sample quality monitoring and gene expression analysis. Quality technical support is provided ranging from advice in experimental design to data analysis.

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Provides the required environment and equipment for a wide range of cell and tissue culture procedures, from maintenance and manipulation of cell lines and tissue samples, to cell observation and data analysis. In addition the unit provides routine mycoplasma detection testing for mammalian cell lines.

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Provides support for research on language, learning & memory, and affective cognition in adults and children, using cognitive-behavioral and neuroscientific approaches. The facilities of the Cognitive Neuroscience Research Unit are open for utilization as a service for Portuguese and international researchers that want to conduct research at Universidade do Algarve.

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Within the scope of the ABC project, CBMR is central in developing the Biobank facility, the Medical Simulation Center, the Clinical Research Incubator Center and the expansion of the
Animal Facility. The goal is to take synergistic advantage of highly specialized human and other resources, to implement innovative research & clinically oriented programs and to develop
strategic partnerships aiming to attract additional external funding.

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Know our last news in the field of research on biomedicine.

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Know our PI’s

Clévio Nóbrega

Principal Researcher

Raquel Andrade

Principal Researcher

Pedro Castelo Branco

Principal Researcher

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