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About the SysBioLab

The Systems Biology and Bioinformatics Laboratory (SysBioLab) is active in the development of novel computational methodologies, and the implementation of software and databases such as Unified Human InteractomeHDNetDBStemChecker, StemCellNet, StemMapper, HeartMiR StemCellNet and HeartEXpress. The lab is also involved in the study of various complex processes with strong relevance to medicine including stem cell differentiation, oncogenesis and neurodegeneration.


Publications (2008-2018)

Marinella N Ghezzo, Mónica T Fernandes, Ivette Pacheco-Leyva, Pedro M Rodrigues, Rui S Machado, Marta A S Araújo, Ravi K Kalathur, Matthias E Futschik, Nuno L Alves and Nuno R dos Santos; FoxN1-dependent thymic epithelial cells promote T-cell leukemia development, Carcinogenesis (in print) (pdf+html)

Davood Sabour, , Susan Rohani, Raja G.A. Sahito, Jürgen Hescheler, Matthias E. Futschik and Agapios Sachinidis (2018) Parallel Genome-wide Profiling of Coding and Non-coding RNAs to Identify Novel Regulatory Elements in Embryonic and Maturated Heart, Molecular Therapy – Nucleic Acids, 12, 158-173 (pdf+html)

Joaquín Giner-Lamia, Miguel A. Hernández-Prieto, and Matthias E. Futschik (2018) ChIP-seq Experiment and Data Analysis in the Cyanobacterium Synechocystis sp. PCC 6803. Bio-protocol 8(12): e2895 (pdf+html)

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Joaquín Giner-Lamia, Rocio Robles-Rengel, Miguel A. Hernández-Prieto, M. Isabel Muro-Pastor, Francisco J. Florencio, and Matthias E. Futschik (2017) Identification of the direct regulon of NtcA during early acclimation to nitrogen starvation in the cyanobacterium Synechocystis sp. PCC 6803, Nucleic Acids Research 45: 11800 – 11820 (pdf+html)

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Jens Georg, Gergana Kostova , Linda Vuorijoki, Verena Schön, Taro Kadowaki, Tuomas Huokko, Desirée Baumgartner, Maximilian Müller, Stephan Klähn, Yagut Allahverdiyeva , Yukako Hihara, Matthias E. Futschik, Eva-Mari Aro, Wolfgang R. Hess (2017) Acclimation of Oxygenic Photosynthesis to Iron Starvation Is Controlled by the sRNA IsaR1, Current Biology 27(10): 1425-1436 (pdf+html)

JA Macedo, D Schrama, I Duarte, E Tavares, J Renaut, ME Futschik, PM Rodrigues , EP Melo (2017) Membrane-enriched proteome changes and prion protein expression during neural differentiation and in neuroblastoma cells BMC Genomics 18: 319 (pdf+html)

Joaquín Giner-Lamia, Sara B. Pereira, Miquel Bovea-Marco, Matthias E. Futschik, Paula Tamagnini, and Paulo Oliveira (2016) Extracellular proteins: Novel key components of metal homeostasis in cyanobacteria? Frontiers in Microbiology 7:878 (pdf+html)

Miguel Hernández-Prieto , Trudi Semeniuk , Joaquin Giner-Lamia and Matthias Futschik (2016) The Transcriptional Landscape of the Photosynthetic Model Cyanobacterium Synechocystis sp. PCC6803, Scientific Reports 6:22168 (pdf + html)

Shany Doron, Ayalla Fedida, Miguel A Hernández-Prieto, Gazalah Sabehi, Iris Karunker, Damir Stazic, Roi Feingersch, Claudia Steglich, Matthias Futschik, Debbie Lindell and Rotem Sorek (2016) Transcriptome dynamics of a broad host-range cyanophage and its hosts. The ISME Journal 10, 1437-1455 (pdf + html)

Gürkan Bal, Matthias E. Futschik, Daniela Hartl, Frauke Ringel, Julian Kamhieh-Milz, Viktor Sterzer, Jörg D. Hoheisel, Mohamed S. S. Alhamdani, and Abdulgabar Salama (2016) Identification of novel biomarkers in chronic immune thrombocytopenia (ITP) by microarray-based serum protein profiling, British Journal of Haematology, 172(4):602-15. (pdf + html)

Ravi Kiran Reddy Kalathur, Joaquin Giner-Lamia, Susana Machado, Tânia Barata, Kameshwar R S Ayasolla, and Matthias E. Futschik (2015) The unfolded protein response and its potential role in Huntington’s disease elucidated by a systems biology approach, F1000Research 4:103 (pdf + html)

Stephen Pells, Eirini Koutsouraki, Sofia Morfopoulou, Sara Valencia-Cadavid, Simon Tomlinson, Ravi Kalathur, Matthias Futschik and Paul De Sousa (2015) Novel human embryonic stem cell regulators identified by conserved and distinct CpG island methylation state, PLoS ONE 10(7): e0131102. (pdf + html)

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José P. Pinto, Ravi K.R. Kalathur, Rui S. R. Machado, Joana M. Xavier, José Bragança, and Matthias E. Futschik(2014) StemCellNet: an interactive platform for network-oriented investigations in stem cell biology.Nucleic Acids Research 42:W154-W160. (pdf+html)

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Miguel Hernandez-Prieto and Matthias E. Futschik (2012) CyanoEXpress: a web database for interactive exploration and visualisation of the integrated transcriptome of cyanobacterium Synechocystis sp. PCC6803, Bioinformation, 8 (13),634-638 (Abstract, Pdf, Website of Database)

Ravi Kalathur, Miguel Hernandez-Prieto and Matthias E. Futschik (2012) Huntington´s Disease and its target genes: A global functional profile based on the HD Research Crossroads database, BMC Neurology, 12:47 (html, PdfSupplementary Material)

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Jörg Gsponer, Matthias E. Futschik, Sarah A. Teichmann and M. Madan Babu (2008) Tight regulation of intrinsically unstructured proteins: from transcript synthesis to protein degradation, Science, 322, 1365-1368 (pdf)



Project Leader

PTDC/BIA-GEN/116519/2010 – Alternative splicing and its impact on molecular interaction networks. 2012-2015.

PTDC/BIA-MIC/101036/2008 – Regulation of iron homeostasis in cyanobacteria. 2010-2013.

CHDI – Visualization and Analysis of HD-Related Molecular Interaction Networks – 2010-2011.

DEUTSCHE FORSCHUNGSGESELLSCHAFT: SFB 618 (A5) – Robustness, modularity and dynamics of protein-protein interaction networks, 2005-2009.


PTDC/BIA-BCM/117975/2010 – The role and regulation of alpha-synuclein phosphorylation in both pathological and physiological conditions. 2012-2015.


Representative Images