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Functional Genomics of Cancer Laboratory


About the FGCL

The Functional Genomics of Cancer Laboratory investigates the influence of cis-regulatory variants in the susceptibility to cancer and in the modulation of tumour characteristics. We integrate data from genetic variation, extensive annotation of functional genomic elements along with allelic expression to resolve the impact of genetic variants on gene expression.

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# Co-first author, *Corresponding author

Project Grants

2018-2021 Project IC&DT – AAC n.º 02/SAICT/2017/031477 – DEvoCancer – “Decoding breast cancer evolution through mutant allele differential expression signatures”, Foundation for Science and Technology/Algarve2020/FEDER, PI Ana-Teresa Maia.

2018-2021 Project IC&DT – AAC n.º 02/SAICT/2017/030895 – Intergen – “INnovating breast cancer GWAS through inTEgRation of functional GENomics”, Foundation for Science and Technology/Algarve2020/Lisboa2020/FEDER, PI Joana Xavier.

2015 – 2017 – 1st Prize Maratona da Saúde, “Unveiling the Cis-Regulation at the Centre of Breast Cancer Susceptibility”;

2013-2015 Foundation for Science and Technology, Portugal, Project Grant; “Cis-regulation of somatic mutations in breast and ovarian cancers”

2012-2017 Marie Curie Career Integration Grant; “Genetic Control of Gene Expression in Cancer Risk”
Marie Curie Career Integration Grant FP7-PEOPLE-2011-CIG/PCIG10-GA-2011-303745;


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