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Temporal Control of Cell Differentiation

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Temporal Control of Cell Differentiation



About the TCCD

The developing embryo is a paradigmatic model to study molecular mechanisms of temporal control, since embryonic structures need to differentiate at the right time and place. Our group studies the Embryo Clock (EC) – a molecular oscillator that underlies timely formation of axial skeleton precursors; In particular, we focus on understanding how the EC pace is set in different tissues and its role in cell fate specification over time.



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Project Grants


As Principal Investigator (PI):

PTDC/BEX-BID/5410/2014 (FCT, Portugal) “TIMING CELL DIFFERENTIATON: Gene Regulatory Network in Temporal Control of Mesoderm Specification”. 2016-2019.

PTDC/SAU-BID/121459/2010 (FCT/COMPETE, Portugal) “Regulating the pace of the Embryonic Clock: a step forward towards temporal control of cell differentiation”. 2012-2015.

PTDC/SAU-OBD/105111/2008 (FCT/COMPETE, Portugal) “The role of molecular clock genes in temporal control of mesoderm patterning in vertebrate embryos”. 2010-2013.

As Team member:

PTDC/SAU-OBD/099758/2008 (FCT, Portugal) “Molecular parallelisms in vertebrate somitogenesis and limb development”. 2010-2013.

European Network of Excellence “Cells Into Organs: Functional Genomics For Development And Disease Of Mesodermal Organ Systems” (LSH-2002-2.1.4-2). EU/FP6. 2004-2009.

POCI/BIA-BCM/62688/2004 (FCT/POCTI, Portugal) “Identification of molecular interactions in the chick segmentation clock using the Yeast One-hybrid and Two-hybrid approaches”. 2005-2008.

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