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CBMR’s oncobiology research covers tumor formation & progression, susceptibility to these processes, their diagnosis & therapeutic targeting. Human cell lines, drosophila mutants, mouse models and patient samples are used to elucidate the molecular mechanisms underlying the development of melanoma, leukemia, salivary gland & colorectal carcinomas and other cancer types. CBMR investigates genetic factors in the susceptibility to cancer, develops computational molecular modelling and structural bioinformatics to study the structure & function of therapeutic targets and perform screening campaigns to identify inhibitors. One focuses is on the role of PI3K/AKT/FOXO & ROS-dependent signaling. The aim is to develop TRIB2, an oncogenic FOXO repressor, to predict and overcome cancer drug resistance and identify inhibitors. Susceptibility variants in breast cancer and novel epigenetic signatures to improve cancer diagnostics & prognostics are investigated.


PI’S: Wolfgang Link, Paulo Martel, Ana Teresa Maia, Álvaro Tavares, Patrícia Madureira, Pedro Castelo-Branco.