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Brain Research

CBMR’s brain research aims to resolve fundamental questions related to: (1) learning & memory; (2) language, reading acquisition & developmental dyslexia; (3) molecular mechanisms underlying neurological conditions; (4) develop disease model for brain disorders; (5) neuromuscular changes related to aging, dementia & Parkinson’s disease. For instance, ~5% of school children are affected by developmental dyslexia and CBMR has recently formulated a new research program to address the basic causes of developmental dyslexia, which are still poorly understood. Based on the research outcomes, CBMR will develop new strategies & remedial approaches to dyslexia. CBMR is investigating the role of nitric oxide in injury-induced neurogenesis. The identification of neurogenic targets modified by S-nitrosylation opens the possibility new therapeutic approaches to brain repair. CBMR has also contributed significantly to the molecular understanding of a specific group of incurable neurodegenerative disease and will develop advanced gene- and cell therapeutic strategies aiming to stop or delay disease progression.


PI’s: Clévio Nóbrega, Inês Araújo, Sandra Pais, Alexandra Reis, Luís Faísca and Karl Magnus-Petersson.