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Core Facilities

The R&D activities in CBMR thematic areas are supported by six core facilities.

Cognitive Research Unit

Cognitive Neuroscience Research Unit provides support for research on language, learning & memory, and affective cognition in adults and children, using cognitive-behavioral and neuroscientific approaches. [...]

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Flow Citometry Unit

CBMR Flow Cytometry Unit (FCU) provides cell counting, cell sorting and state-of-the-art software for data analysis. This facility also provides quality technical support ranging from advice in experimental design to data analysis. [...]

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Animal Facility

CBMR Animal Facility (AF) is a conventional facility for the housing of laboratory mouse strains under “Specific Pathogen Free” (SPF) conditions and consists of 4 units, namely two independent rooms for the housing of up to 3700 animals (mice and [...]

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