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The Centre for Biomedical Research (CBMR) is dedicated to the investigation and treatment of disease. The CBMR is composed of researchers from diverse research areas encompassing the Department of Biomedical Sciences and Medicine, Biological Sciences and Bioengineering and Chemistry and Pharmacy in addition to a number of clinicians and medical researchers based in the Hospital of Algarve.

The broad, strong research community within the CBMR ensures that this centre is in a unique position to collaborate across a broad range of research expertise resulting in a dynamic, highly productive research environment.

The CBMR scientific research core is composed of 40 fully integrated members, all of whom are active, experienced scientists with relevant scientific output and strong track records regarding student and postdoctoral supervision.

The role of CBMR is very relevant to develop and strengthen the Algarve Region in Health Sciences namely by fostering a highly collaborative approach involving scientists, engineers, and medical teams and by reinforcing the University/Hospital relationship in the Algarve.

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Clévio Nóbrega


Our track records

Published Papers
Our Philosophy and Values

The mission of CBMR is to promote and develop research excellence including technology transfer. This will ensure national and international competitiveness in the biomedical science and technology domains for the benefit of society.

This mission incorporates 8 core goals: Conduct excellent quality and competitive research; Focus our research programme to address the crucial health issues of the 21st century; Develop and support the CBMR academic and commercial research facilities; Promote knowledge dissemination through our education programmes; Continue and develop further industrial collaborations including joint research programmes and technology transfer; Provide research services and consulting outside of the research unit; Ensure the dissemination of CBMR research findings to the public; Strengthen the International reputation of Portuguese research in the areas investigated within the CBMR;

Our core strengths
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See what our researchers are saying

Post-Doc Student

Bibiana Ferreira

Post-Doc Student

“CBMR as a branch of a bigger academic institution like Universidade do Algarve encourages you to take science beyond the bench.”

October 2018

CBMR Researcher

Isabel Palmeirim

CBMR Researcher

“I really appreciated the opportunity to do a multidisciplinary research and was inspired by seeing the direct effects of the research happening there.”

September 2018

CBMR Researcher

Wolfgang Link

CBMR Researcher

“I really felt like I was at the centre of a real culture of discovery. It was an inspiring environment – and a very sociable one too.”

October 2018

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