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Clévio Nóbrega is the new CBMR director

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  • Clévio Nóbrega is the new CBMR director
Clévio Nóbrega is the new CBMR director
Clévio Nóbrega is the new CBMR director

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The Centre for Biomedical Research (CBMR) have a new director. Clévio Nóbrega, principal investigator on the field of molecular neuroscience and gene therapy, takes the lead of a group of experienced researchers, with relevant scientific output and strong track records regarding student and postdoctoral supervision.

In a research center dedicated to the scientific research of the biological processes underlying the functioning of the human body, its deregulation in disease and potential therapeutic strategies, the aims is, as point out the new director, “to promote CBMR as a center of excellence in the field of biomedicine at national and international level”.

The new CBMR director is also committed to “boosting the critical mass of researchers at the University of Algarve, as well as increasing the amount of funding obtained for biomedical research.

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